Equine Formula #4
Liver Kidney Tonic - Endurance - Anabolic
Maintain Optimal Level of Nutrients Influencing Performance

Equine Digestion Aid Maintaining peak performance requires that the liver and kidneys of the horse athlete operate efficiently. Both these organs metabolize and excrete wastes material and the liver has an enormous task at manufacturing various metabolic enzymes essential to health. So, the liver and kidney cells are the "engines" of the horse. They require specific "fuels" derived from the diet, and we have now determined some of them and their intricate use in the form of nutraceuticals added to the normal equine ration (dietary regime).

For the liver and kidney functions to operate at their best, it is imperative that the organs of digestion assimilate optimally what a horse consumes! The circulatory system and liver must do their job freely so they may provide the cells with these fuels and remove harmful wastes by-products produced during catabolism.

The Equine Formula #4 provides the peak performing horse with a most advanced spectrum of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, herbs, enzymes and probiotics to achieve this very precise objective: optimum performance without affecting health and longevity!

General List Of Ingredients:


  • Vitamin A is needed for a healthy immune system. It is important for healthy epithelial cells (integrity of epithelial cells), fat storage and bone formation.
  • Vitamin D is required for calcium and phosphorous absorption for normal growth and development of bone and teeth.
  • Vitamin E improves circulation, enhances the oxygen utilization of muscular tissues, thereby improving athletic performance. It also prevents cell damage by inhibiting the formation of free-radicals.
  • Vitamin C is necessary for normal adrenal gland function, tissue growth and repair, anti-stress, hormone synthesis, formation of collagen, and white cell activity (immunity).
  • Bioflavonoids are synergists with vitamin C and are important to preserve and protect the structure of capillaries. They help relieve pain, bruises and hemorrhaging.
  • Vitamin B-complex including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, CHOLINE BIOTIN, Folic acid and Inositol are actually co-enzymes involved with energy production. They help to maintain healthy nerves, skin, hair, liver and eyes.
  • Vitamin K, the blood clotting vitamin, is also involved in converting glucose to glycogen for storage in the liver.


  • Iron, Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc function as co-enzymes to form blood, bone, and body fluids. They are involved in nerve transmission and the production of enzymes and hormones. It is important that these minerals be provided in a biological form (chelated or bound to an organic molecule such as they are in food). This allows these minerals to be absorbed into the blood and lymph and ultimately the individual cells. Micro or trace minerals are fundamental for metabolic enzyme production.


  • Red Clover, Chapparal, Yellow Dock, Dandelion and Garlic are generally classified as "alternatives" which have the particular nature of purifying and detoxifying the blood and liver (and kidneys). Saw Palmetto, Nettles and Astragalus are herbal tonics. Together, they supply fatty acids, amino acids, bioflavonoids, numerous vitamins and minerals.
  • Licorice and Capsicum assist by providing rapid and even distribution of the other active principles contained within the other herbs to critical functional centers of the body.
  • Marine Kelp is there again with its 22 amino-acids, 12 vitamins and 60+ minerals, a store-house of nutrients beneficial to nerves, thyroid and hooves.
  • Bee Pollen is rich in carotenes, enzymes, amino-acids, fatty acids, numerous vitamins, minerals, plant sterols and sugars. It is an excellent source of energy.
  • Probiotics include those fermentation related factors such as naturally occurring live organisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Aspergillus orizae, Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae). They are found to be beneficial to the digestive tract be cause they produce digestive enzymes to help break down proteins, starches, fiber, fats and sugars. They also produce B-vitamins and growth inhibitors against pathogenic microbes and fungi. Carriers consist of fermentation solubles and rare earth minerals derived from a deposit of an ancient inland sea bed.

Mode of use for Equine Formula #4

Bio-Logics Equine Products This formula has been designed to assist the normal ration of equine athletes during training when reaching anticipated peak performance. Because the levels of dietary proteins are usually very high at that period, we recommend supplementing Equine Formula #4 1 ounce (28gram), twice daily, morning and night, at meal time. The usual procedure of adding raw honey to make the formula adhere to the feed is a good idea. If frequency of meals is increased to 4 or even 5 small servings daily, one will realize the tremendous advantage in programming the diet this way, improving bio-availability of feedstuff by stimulating digestive enzyme secretion! We recommend alternating Formula #4 with Formula #5 every month.

Equine Protection: Our products are not for use in animals intended for slaughter or human consumption.

Equine Formula #5

Immunity - Allergy - Breathing and Bleeders

This Formula was developed to assist horses that have a tendency to manifest recurrent ill symptoms, and where primary causes seem to be hard to find on a point of view of orthodox medicine! Chronic intermittent respiratory problems (influenza, nose bleeding), and a variety of skin ailments, even intestinal problems, are often related to certain food intolerance.

Equines are proned to food enzyme deficiencies and to the array of nebulous symptoms related to this situation: by supplementing them with digestive enzymes, the exocrine pancreas function is relieved and the metabolic enzyme bank account does not have to be diverted to compensate for the lack of food enzyme of the modern diet! Do not forget that even equines suffer of this aberrant situation because of modern techniques of feed extrusion. Extrusion and cubing destroy all inherent food enzymes naturally present in raw food. The natural "archetypal" diet of equines is raw, isn't it ?

In a very important book entitled "Enzyme Nutrition", Dr.Edward Howell explains How and Why, modern men and the animals he has domesticated have become so afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases.

One of the big problems has to do with the notion of "exocrine pancreas overload" due to chronic food enzyme deficiency! So it would mean that cooking food has not been all that great of a discovery! Practically speaking yes, because it offers the possibility to eat larger quantities of food than in the raw form at the same time but fundamentally it seems cooking food destroys all food enzyme leading to a cascade of events responsible for more problems than one would like to think of!

The idea behind Equine Formula #5 was to design a dietary supplement Tonic for the immune system of equines that could be alternated with Formula #4 on a monthly basis. The reason behind this regime is to "cleanse" or promote optimal liver and kidney functions with Formula #4 so metabolic wastes and toxins are more easily excreted and then, to follow up the program with Formula #5, concentrating more on the immune system. By following this two step program, we have designed a very interesting way at maintaining Optimal Resistance to Disease!

The holistic approach here, is to tonify or stimulate non-specific immunity. There are various ways of increasing equines resistance to disease. Of primary importance is the good habit of offering equines the best possible hay as the main food, in the best possible environment. When the best possible diet is offered under the best possible environmental conditions, then one has to be preoccupied by a way of providing the best possible supplementation regime.

Equine Formula #5 Ingredients:

  1. Herbs: Echinacea, cloves, cayenne, russian fennel, goldenseal, licorice, fenugreek, fennel, ginger, siberian ginseng. These herbs either tonify the Yang and/or contain principles that stimulate immunity and respiratory system.
  2. Anti-Oxidants: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.
  3. Bioflavonoids
  4. Zinc, Selenium, chromium from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts.
  5. Mannans-oligosaccharides (activates macrophages activity).
  6. Fructo-oligosaccharides (stimulate intestinal microflora reproduction).
  7. Microflora preparations: friendly micro-organisms that maintain a healthy gut ecology.
  8. Digestive enzymes mostly of the proteolytic group (protease) derived from Aspergillus niger, orizae and/or Bacillus subtilis.

Mode of use for Equine Formula #5:

Horses that have the reputation to be "allergic" with breathing or digestive problems, or manifestations of dermatitis (various types of skin ailments.) should be considered as serious candidates for Formula #5. Supplement for at least two to three months if problem is chronic as one has to think of changing "blood" quality.

This will be done efficiently only when appropriate measures will be taken to improve dietary regime adequately!

Again, this formula was designed so supplementation should be done twice daily, one ounce at a time including some raw honey to the mixture so supplement will not settle down feeding bowl.

Once the ill symptoms start to disappear (this will vary as each horse is a unique individual with a unique condition. but improvements usually start to show after three weeks), realize blood condition is starting to be less "toxic"! The Formula #5 should be given for another month or two, and then alternated with Formula #4.

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