Kelp – Food Grade Powder

Food Grade Kelp Powder (F.C.C. Grade)

When it comes to quality, there is no compromise!

Atlantic Laboratories is a Maine-based company with more than 27 years of experience in processing seaplants. The company harvests sea kelp from the same cold, clean waters that have been providing world-famous seafood for centuries. All Atlantic Laboratories sea kelp is responsibly harvested and is machine dried to maintain the proper moisture level for vitamins and amino acid stability.

Atlantic Laboratories was founded in 1971 by Robert Morse, a marine engineer who was one of the first members of Maine’s Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. The company harvests and processes several types of seaweed year-round with a regular crew of 10 that swells to 35 during peak harvesting seasons. The seaweed is dried and processed in Atlantic Laboratories facility in Waldoboro using a low temperature machine drying process which consistently insures the highest quality product.

Why Use Sea Kelp?

Dehydrated kelp contains a full compliment of naturally digestible minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids;

Trace elements are essential to blood chemistry and to the human body’s wellbeing. Gold, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper and more than 100 other nutrients are necessary to the human body and are found in seaweeds;

Seaweeds are an excellent source of organic iodine. Iodine stimulates the thyroid which regulates metabolism;

Sea kelp is an excellent source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body.

Why Choose Atlantic Laboratories?

Maine’s sea kelp is some of the purest available in the world today. Quality assurance and consistency of analysis are the watchwords of Atlantic Labs processing.

Atlantic Laboratories low temperature machine drying assures the highest quality product because:

  • There is less degradation of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids with low temperature drying
  • Moisture levels are more accurately maintained
  • Freshly harvested and processed seaweed is not left out to be exposed to the elements

All “Processed for Food Use” seaweed is tested by an “outside” laboratory for purity using the Food Chemicals Codex;

Atlantic Laboratories independently tests for bacterial contaminants – E.coli, salmonella and total coliform.

The product can be particle “sized” to meet any requirements.

Robert Morse says:

“Part of my optimism for the future stems from the fact many individuals are beginning to really understand the benefits of using seaweed products in a number of areas – nutraceutical is just one area.

“I’ve got a great team of employees in place. They are a steady and knowledgeable group interested in producing the highest quality product possible.”

“The work is all done in Maine – right out of boats in tidal zones, bays and inlets. We have a niche and don’t feel we ‘re in competition with anyone. And we don ‘t infringe on the local fishermen.”

“I’m ready now to bring my product from the ocean to the customer in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

Analysis Certificate


Proteins 5.7
Fat 2.6
Fibre 7.0
Nitrogen-free extracts 58.6
Moisture 10.7
Ash 15.4


Mannit 4.2
Algenic Acid 26.7
Methylpentosans 7.0
Laminarin 9.3
Undefined Sugars 14.4
Other Carbohydrates 38.4


(Nitrogen-free extracts are made up of non-protein material such as sugars)
Element %
Silver .000004
Aluminium .193000
Gold .000006
Boron .019400
Barium .001276
Carbon Undeclared
Calcium 1.904000
Chlorine 3.680000
Cobalt .001227
Copper .000635
Fluorine .032650
Iron .089560
Germanium .000005
Hydrogen Undeclared
Mercury .000190
Iodine .062400
Potassium 1.280000
Lanthanum .000019
Lithium .000007
Magnesium .213000
Manganese .123500
Molybdenum .001592
(Methylpentosans are cornplex polysaccharides)
Elements %
Nitrogen .062400
Sodium 4.180000
Nickel .003500
Oxygen Undeclared
Osmium Trace
Phosphorus .211000
Lead .000014
Rubidium .000005
Sulphur 1.564200
Antimony .000142
Silicon .164200
Tin .000006
Strontium .074876
Tellurium Trace
Titanium .000012
Thallium .000293
Vanadium .000531
Tungsten .000033
Zinc .003516
Zirconium .000001
Selenium .000043
Uranium .000004

Other Elements Present

Bismuth Gallium Thorium
Beryllium Indium Radium
Niobium Iridium Bromine
Cadmium Palladium Cerium
Chromium Platinum Rhodium

Amino-acids present in the protein traction

Asparsic acid 8.7%
Glutamic acid 5.3%
Serine 3.3%
Threonine 2.7%
Clycine 5.7%
Alanine 5.0%
Valine + methionine 14.0%
Leucine 8.7%
Isoleucine No figures available
Phenylalanine No figures available
Tyrosine 0.5%
Tryptophan No figures available
Cystine No figures available
Arginine 11.8%
Proline Trace amounts only
Histidine 0.0%
Lysine 4.1%
Amide Nitrogen 59.8%

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