Organic Pool/Pond Enhancer “Mermaid”

Mermaid Organic Pool/Pond & Hot Tub Enhancer

*non Toxic
*non Corrosive

Mermaid water enhancer is safe for you, the environment and will literally make your water sparkle and dance. Mermaid works to control tub ring, grease build-up, scale, and cloudy water. We highly recommend Mermaid be only part of your complete water treatment program. Mermaid’s main ingredient is derived from the desert Yucca plant, where some of the most common uses for Yucca extract are for use in shampoos, soaps, liquid waste management and soda drinks. Ever wonder how they get the head on Root Beer? Now you know.

Pool, Pond & Hot Tub Enhancer

  • Keeps pool, pond & hot-tub water sparkling clean
  • Removes bath tub rings, prevents grease and scale build-up, aids filtration
  • Saves water, energy and maintenance costs

Mermaid Organic Pool, Pond & Hot Tub Enhancer is an organic, bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-harsh pool, pond & hot tub cleaner and should be used along with your regular program.



Add 30 ml to 4 litres water – broadcast over water surface.


Use 30 ml to 1700 litres of pool/pond water.
Mix enough water to broadcast over pool/pond.

Use as often as needed for desired results.
Steroid Saponins 10% by wt.

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